“Jaime Elizalde is innocent, Mr. Governor of Texas!”



Lausanne, 9 janvier 2006
Lausanne (Switzerland), January 9th, 2006

ATT : Mr Rick Perry, governor of Texas
( kwalt@governor.state.tx.us =Kathy Walt is Gov. secretary. )

Mr Governor,
Concerning Mr Jaime Elizalde’s next execution, scheduld for the coming 31st of January 2006 in Texas, I would ask you to take any minutes of your time to read these lines, believing that you may have the possibility to save an innocent life.

As a swiss journalist, I have been very well received in your State and I get the possibility, in 2004, to make a documentary concerning Mr Elizalde’s probable innocence. If you did not seen it, “One life on the Edge” is available (in four languages) on www.life-on-edge.info (*).

I feel concern not only for Mr Elizalde and his family, but eighter for persons like Mr. Bill Hawkins, who worked as District Attorney?s assistant in 1997 and was surprised when the jury found the defendant guilty. In fact, during Jaime Elizalde’s trial, the prosecutors were more efficient that the defense.

After the death of Jaime Elizalde, it seems still possible to make sure that the actual murder was in fact another person and probably Albert Guajardo (a killer who died in January 1995). In my opinion, the high probability that the State witnesses could have
lied is based on the doubtfull translation from popular spanish to english during the trial; on the fact that those witnesses were connected with the first victim’s family and that all these people were involved in drugs ; on my interview of Maria Eugenia Aleman, barmaid of the bar the night of the crime, a person who was not present during Mr Elizalde’s trial.

As I plan to travel to Texas in a few more days, I hope that all the good wishes surrounding Mr Elizalde’s case will finaly succeed in the difficult goal to establish the truth in the murder of the bar ” El Lugar “, during the night of Nov 5, 1994, in Houston.

Thank you very much, Mr Governor, for your attention.

Yours sincerely,

Jacques Secretan (jsecretan@bluemail.ch)

PS : “Fox News” released a 2min report concerning Jaime Elizalde and my film, in their news from last 27 Oct 2005.

(*) Note de Jacques Secrétan: “La date d’exécution a été reportée au 31 janvier 2006 à 18h (je n’ai pas pu actualiser dans le film, faute de moyens, et je pense le faire s’il y avait un nouveau sursis ou une révision de procès, sans doute en ce cas pas avant février)”.

L’auteur est journaliste, auteur de l’ouvrage “Condamné à mort au Texas”, L’Harmattan, 2001

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